Our Story

We have been in the halal meat processing and distribution business for well over 25 years.  As the Muslim population grew in the GTA, our predecessor company provided halal meat, fish and groceries to the numerous small meat stores that serviced this developing community.  Amir Quality Meats started in response to a customer’s request to fill a void in the Halal Food Services marketplace.   The request was from a large chain restaurant that was looking for an alternative to their current supplier.  They faced many issues with their current Halal supplier and came to us with a list of their requirements that would address these issues.  These were as follows:

  •  Government-inspected, Halal only Facility
  •  Accredited food safety programs
  •  Chicken sized to their unique requirements
  •  Cut and packaged and weighed to their exact specifications
  •  Delivery across the GTA 6 days per week
  •  Adherence to the highest service standards in the industry through Service Level Agreements (“SLA”)
  •  Automated monthly velocity and quarterly forecast reports
  •  Dedicated single point of contact customer representative

Given that these specifications were a meaningful departure from our existing halal meat business and would require a significant capital investment, we took the necessary time to thoroughly review and diligence whether or not we could satisfy these requirements.  After spending months researching and visiting various farms and abattoir facilities across Canada, we found a facility that could meet our client’s requirements.  Over the coming months, we and our client worked closely with the supplier to calibrate their processes and procedures to ensure that it met these stringent specifications both from a food safety perspective and a Halal perspective.

It was through this experience that we realized and gained an appreciation for the fact that there were no other exclusively Halal supplier servicing the food services business with this level of customer service, attention to detail and food safety standards.  It’s this approach we have used successfully in building our business one customer at a time over the past 25 years.  At Amir Quality Meats we are selective about who we do business with and we are always interested in building mutually beneficial business relationships.